Whiteford Point-Gower Peninsula

On a recent City Jet flight from London City Airport I was flicking through the onboard magazine. They were advertising a competition and they had an accompanying photograph showing the destination of the winners prize. This is Whiteford Point on the Gower Peninsula in Wales. The sand dunes in the background were used as a firing range during WWII. In 1942 anthrax laden artillery shells were fired into the dunes, killing several sheep. Today the dunes are marked with numerous signs warning members of the public not to pick up anything that looks suspicious


Porton Down-1983

In 1983 a protestors camp was set up outside the Porton Down facility to protest the testing of animals in military biological and scientific experiments.

(Unknown slides/transparencies purchased on Ebay)






Film still from a television report at that time (unknown)



Gruinard Island

Interesting item I acquired recently. A pre-WWII postcard of a bus tour group stopping off for a moments viewing of the hill directly opposite Gruinard Island. Its funny after all my research there is nothing related to the hilltop that they are looking at.Much more if they turned around….