Inside Porton Down-BBC- June 2016

Here is a link to the recent short documentary on a brief survey of the activities in Porton Down

Inside: Porton Down Britain’s Secret Weapons Research Facility

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The Dorset Biological Weapons Experiments 1963-75

The Dorset Biological Warfare Experiments were conducted in the south Dorset area between 1963 -75. They took place under the control of the Microbiological Research Establishment from Porton Down. Numbering scores of individual trials, where both live and dead bacteria were sprayed from ships off the coast and from the air onto large sections of the surrounding countryside. Monitored by mobile detection sites at over 60 designated sites.

Four types of bacteria were used: E. Coli, Bacillus globigii, Bacterium aerogenes and Serratia marcescens.

Clusters of health abnormalities downwind from the test sites have been reported over the last 3 decades

The Defence Evaluation Research Agency said in recent years, “that they cannot rule out conducting larger scale trials in the future to try to ensure the protection of the UK from attacks by people of states using chemical and biological weapons”.

Here are a selection of the first photographs I took of the sites on my research trip recently. Lots more to follow. I promise…


26-Site 02 Portland Bill Dorset 2016

26-Site 02 Portland Bill Dorset 2016

27-Site 47 Branscombe Beach Devon 2016

Site 47 Branscombe Beach Devon 2016

28-Site 25 Wareham Dorset 2016

28-Site 25 Wareham Dorset 2016

29-Site 10 Langton Herring Dorset 2016Site 10 Langton Herring Dorset 2016

30-Site 55 Ottery St Mary Devon 2016

Site 55 Ottery St Mary Devon 2016