Exhibition: Where is the What if the What is in Why?

Where is the What if the What is in Why?

Susan Bone, Colin Crotty, Dara McGrath,
Eoin O’ Conaill, Killian O’ Dwyer, Claire Ryan

Opening via Sternview Gallery entrance on 26 Marlboro Street
Exhibtion Run: April 29th – June 11th

Where is the What if the What is in Why?* is a group exhibition exploring how artistic strategies investigate and represent peripheral and threshold spaces. These in-between places have long held magnetism for creative searching and experimentation. The histories and potentials that lie within such places may cast generative powers that can support reimaginings of our worldly connections. The exhibition title responds to the connective forces that attract such responses on transitional points, where things are hidden in plain sight or are not quite what they seem. It cues the varied artistic interactions – painting, photography, object-making and print – regarding how we live and our relations to objects and environments.

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