Gruinard Island-1756

Made in 1756 when the Cromartie Estate was forfeit to the Crown. The lower lighter part belongs to Mr MacKenzie of Dundonnell. The upper shaded part is Cromartie land.

Griunard Island is the ancestral home to the MacLennan clan

As far as I know there is a descendant living in Ullapool, a Rory McLennan.

Gruinard Island-1756


Childrens Gas Poem

I came across this recently

This poem was distributed by the Air Raid Protection (ARP) during WWII. It appeared in local newspapers throughout the country and schoolchildren were thought to recite the poem.

Version here appears in both English and Welsh. Their meaning varies a little due to their translations

If I was a child then. then I would fail on this one. Just trying to learn all the ‘notes!!”