Emil Klaus Fuchs and the Rhydymwyn connection

On the Rhydymwyn Valley site there exists Building 45. This building was connected to the early research into the British atomic bomb. Klaus Fuchs and Rudolf Peierls conducted the first early steps into isotope separation.

Both men were transferred to the Manhattan Project in the USA in 1943

According to one of the lead scientists in Los Alamos Hans Bethe ‘Fuchs was one of my best men in my division in theoretical physics’. Fuchs was present at the Trinity Test in 1945.

In 1946 he returned in August 1946 and became the head of the Theoretical Physics Division at the Atomic Energy Research Establishment  at Harwell.

All during this time Fuchs was under suspicion of passing on information to the Russians, which wasn’t that bad as they were considered allies

Finially in 1950 Fuchs was arrested for espionage and sentenced to 14 years for spying.In 1959 he moved to East Germany. He was elected to the Academy of Sciences and the SED central committee and was later appointed deputy director of theInstitute for Nuclear Research in Rossendorf,where he served until he retired in 1979. He died in 1988.

The photo attached is his ‘wrap sheet’, that is the FBI file containing a report from their London office, reporting that he had been arrested by British authorities. With thanks to the FBI’s research vault


More to follow about Building 45 soon regarding the years following his research, what has happened to it and how it is today

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