Update-About Project Cleansweep

I have been working on this body of work now for some time.Over that time I have felt that although the work was structured, it was becoming a little repeditive, facts after facts. So what I have decided is to focus on 5 sites that best represent the whole chemical and biological weapons (CBW) program. Harpur Hill, Rhydymwyn, Porton Down, Gruinard Island and Norwich. These sites cross the whole project that I have being trying to work out. As I research more into these specific sites, interview veterans and to meet those who were affected directly.

I am also trying to build up a history of these sites, visually. There have been incidents during their histories since CBW were first used to the present day that lead you to the photographs that I have being presenting to you. Visual clues that string together, photographs that are real, archival, recreated, found, bought and acquired. That help you link together the history that is embedded into the landscape.

I will continue to built up a portfolio of the landscape photographs, but from now on it will focus more in depth into these 5 sites

First up is Harpur Hill, Derbyshire.


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