Tidworth, Wiltshire. Cold War Biological Weapons Dispersion Tests 1960

Tidworth Wiltshire 2014

Early in the Cold War (between 1953-1964) a programme of Zinc Cadmium sulphide dispersion tests were conducted by the MoD to simulate biological weapons attack by communist forces.on the 29th Feb 1960 Zinc Cadmium Sulphide was sprayed over the military range adjacent to Tidworth town
Tidworth lies to the south east of Wiltshire and it has a large and active army barracks


Woodside, Flintshire. WWII Chemical weapons Storage Facility


Woodside, Flintshire. Located between the village of Northop and the Valley site on a back road (go down The Greens road/street fpr approx 1 km) was a bulk chemical weapons site used as an over-spill for the Valley site. The storage at Woodside was in 31 partially buried 55 ton tanks and 1 250 ton tanks. The site also became experimental as it was built as a model for other bases to be built around the country. These Forward Filling Bases would receive and store chemicals and were ready to weaponize it in quick response to any chemical attack on the UK.
Today the field is used for the rearing of grouse.