Poison Gas-Abyssinia 1936- Punch Magazine

Two Punch Magazine illustrations from 1936 illustrating the chemical weapons attacks in Abyssinia (Ethiopia) by Italian Forces.This incidence amongst the invasion by Italy encouraged Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy to ally together and cemented the 2 axis of powers for the start of WWII. This incidence also undermined the credibility of the League of Nations (pre-United Nations)


Biological Weapons Testing 1949-1976

The following photos are a brief look into the UK Biological Warfare Tests Conducted in Populated Areas: between 1949-1976
These include the Dorset Sea Trials and The Flourescent Particle Trials amongst others (more sites to follow in the Autumn 2014)

It is important to recognise that the experiments used BW ‘simulants’* and not real BW agents. Some BW simulants, such as E.coli MRE162 (EC), Bacillis subtilis (BG), Serratia marcescens (SM), are capable of causing adverse health effects. Others (such as FP – aka Zinc Cadmium sulphide) are known hazardous chemical compounds)]
It is extremely important to understand the source of the often massive aerosol clouds. The aerosols themselves were often carried up to 100 miles downwind of the source location (sometimes 200+ miles). Sampling of bacterial aerosols at distances of 50+ miles proved that the clouds still contained a high concentration of what Porton refer to as ‘an appreciable dose of viable bacteria’.
As far as I can ascertain there has been weapons testing beyond 1976, but as of now, I or anybody else in the public realm have been able to obtain official information regarding it. But there is lots of conspiracy theories pertaining to it
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