Spalford Warren, Nottinghamshire

Spalford Warren, Nottinghamshire

Spalford Warren, Nottinghamshire (Main. Unit. 93), was a satellite of the Norton Disney Chemical weapons site. It stored mustard and phosgene filled weapons during WW II to supply the many local airfields.
After the war the chemical weapons were disposed of by burning at Spalford Warren. Areas historically used for disposal of mustard are still fenced off today.
The post military site is on 36.5 hectares of a wind blown glacial sand anomaly, which is one of the rarest habitats in the county. The poor soil, derived from aeolian or wind-blown sand is material deposited after the last Ice Age gave rise to an unusual plant community for an inland site.The name, ‘warren’ dates from the medieval period as a place to raise rabits, for both its fur and its meat.
In the 1950’s it was delclared free of chemical weapons after burning, again in another MoD report during the 1980’s and yet again in the 1990’s.
When I visited the site in Jan 2012 and again in Nov 2013, it was still under forestry clearance by a private contractor, whom were in the process of removing the conifers
In 1965 the Forestry Commission planted conifers, but unfortunately many of the transplants did not take.
Today the site is designated as of Special Scientific Interest (SSI) with diverse, plants, bird life and wildfowl. It is also used on a constant daily basis by local walkers and hikers


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