Norwich, Norfolk

Norwich, NorfolkScreen Shot 2014-03-17 at 23.48.17Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 23.47.56

During 1963/64 the Norwich Biological Trials took place. In it biological weapons stimulant Zinc Cadmium Sulphate was sprayed from a Devon type-aircraft which flew for 24 miles upwind from the city sraying 2-3 lbs of the zinc cadmium per mile to assess the effects of a biological attack by the Eastern Bloc countries.
Porton Down scientists conducted clandestine sampling of the air at a large number of locations, across the city and surrounding countryside during the trial, sometimes undercover and using the guise of traffic pollution remote monitoring stations.
In 2005 a national survey sited Norwich as having twice the national average of oesophageal cancers
Today and for many years the highest point of the city contains an extensive garden allotment site.
(I have also included some illustrated pages from the de-classified files from Porton Down)


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