Worksop, Nottinghamshire was a U.S. army ammunitions storage depot during WW11, renamed the Central Ammunition Depot (CAD) in 1952. During the war it consisted of approx. 40,000 tonnes of mixed ammunition. Within its inventory then, it stored phosgene and mustard gas munitions amongst other conventional weapons.
Previous to its location as a chemical weapons site it was the summer residence of the Dukes of Newcastle up until 1938
Today the site is a vast expanse of parkland, heath and woodland covering more than 38,000 acres under the care of The National Trust
The chemical weapons site is located just alongside of the longest lime tree avenue in Europe which stretches for over 3 km.
The park is also located within what was once Sherwood forest, home of the popular character Robin Hood
Within 200 mtrs. is the Culumber Walled Kitchen Garden and a caravan park.
The site is frequented by walkers and is under agricultural arable land usage


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