Grangemouth, Scotland

Grangemouth, Scotland

Grangemouth was a RAF base during WWII. The base was used to store mustard gas in underground storage tanks. RAF 614 squadron was based here and tasked with spraying the material over the invasion beaches in the event of an enemy attack from this direction. Secret tests were reported to have been carried out involving the spraying of mustard gas.
The whole area around the base became a restricted area due to the stockpiles of mustard gas held there and the secrecy of the missions carried out. The restricted area took in the nearby town and the docks, and special passes were issued to all residents.
Today RAF Grangemouth is the site of a huge chemical industrial complex, that supplies most of the Britain and Ireland with fuel. The site is taken up mostly by the Ineos corporation, amongst other chemical companies. It was the scene of a potential closure in Oct 2013, but was saved from that faith by an agreement with the company and the 1,300 employees.


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