Merebank Road, Avonmouth, Bristol.

Merebank Road, Avonmouth, Bristol.

Merebank Road Avonmouth Bristol
During the latter part of World War I dichlorethyl sulphide or mustard gas was manufactured at the Ministry of Munitions site on the Merebank road.
When the plant was at full production 20 tonnes of mustard gas a day was being produced but none arrived in France until 2 months before the armistice.
During its production in 1918 there was thousands of incidences of chemical burns reported by the workers. The factory hospital had 30 long-term patients suffering from gas related illnesses and 3 deaths.
The plant in 1923 was absorbed into the National Smelting Company that went on to become the Britannia Zinc smelting works, which ceased production in the 1970’s
In 2012 the army’s bomb disposal unit were called into the site when 2 workers from Sita UK who were clearing the site reported feeling unwell and suffering from nose bleeds and respiratory problems when they uncovered what was suspected to be mustard gas shells on the site.
The site was closed off for a year while the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory from Porton Down conducted a series of tests on the site.
In late 2013 the green light was given for the construction of a 485,000 sq ft supermarket distribution centre run by the supermarket chain Asda and a recycling centre.


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