Project CleanSweep. Work-in-progress (May 2013)

Project Cleansweep takes its name from a Ministry of Defence report issued in2011 identifying sites in the UK where tens of thousands of tonnes of mustard gas, phosgene and other lethal chemicals were made, stored, burned and dumped in England, Wales and Scotland since the first world war. Some areas are still fenced off to protect the public today. The MoD launched Operation Cleansweep in 2007 to provide “reassurance” that residual contamination at UK sites did not pose a risk to human health or the environment.

My approach was to consider the current status of these sites and to draw attention to the inherent visual ambiguity of places that have changed in use and orientation but still retain a legacy of the past.

The focus of the images is on unsteadiness, impermanence, transience, and ideas of
transformation, shifts and “repositioning”. Landscape and architecture that may at first
appear to be solid and permanent is instead experienced as unbalanced and

More photos soon……


Oct 2013: I have expanded this project to include biological weapons sites. It’s just that there is so much crossover between the two

01-Weymouth Bay Dorset      Lords Bridge Cambridgeshire

Weymouth Bay Dorset                                   Lords Bridge Cambridgeshire

03-Spalford Warren Nottinghamshire       04-Frome Somerset

Spalford Warren Nottinghamshire                    Frome Somerset

05-ShingleStreetNorfolk       06-Kimbolton Cambridgeshire

ShingleStreet Norfolk                                       Kimbolton Cambridgeshire

07-Penclawwd Gower Peninsula       08-Norton Disney Lincolnshire

Penclawwd Gower Peninsula                          Norton Disney Lincolnshire

09-Riseley Bedfordshire       10-Whipton Exeter

Riseley Bedfordshire                                        Whipton Exeter

11-Porton Down Wiltshire       12-Whitford Point Gower Peninsula

Porton Down Wiltshire                                      Whitford Point Gower Peninsula

13-Avonmouth Bristol      14-Norwich Norfolk

Avonmouth Bristol                                           Norwich Norfolk

15-Little Heath Norfolk      16-Nancekuke Cornwall

Little Heath Norfolk                                          Nancekuke Cornwall


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